Heartbreak's Got Backbeat
Some 10


Josh English and Will Bartlett met by virtue of being the only two Slint fans at Southern Oregon State University.

Even after Will moved to Boston, the two remained close friends, and talked about someday forming a new band. Josh eventually realized that he cared more about playing with a drummer that rocks than living in Portland. So, he packed his bags for Beantown. Before Josh had even arrived, Will asked James, his guitar player friend from work,to jam with them.

Originally from Ft. Worth, Texas, James had come to Boston to study music at the famous Berkelee School of music, alma mater of Steve Vai. Although the first couple of rehearsals were spent aping Judas Priest riffs (like all great first rehearsals), it wasn't long before they had enough material of to play a show.

Six Going on Seven first appeared in print as Puppet Show (clearly the band had seen the movie Spinal Tap). The name Six Going on Seven was inspired by Will's nephew, who happened to be six years old going on seven at the time. It was a humble beginning, but with the first show under their belts, the Sixes were hungry for more. The next gig was with Girls Against Boys, a considerable step up. The performance that night lead to the release of a seven-inch on Boston Label Hydrahead Records. Word of this great new band soon spread to New York, where it caught the attention of Some records.

Also in its nascent stage, Some viewed Six Going on Seven as it's dream come true. Meeting through mutual friend and future band producer Brian McTernan, Some and the Sixes hit it right off. The band recorded its first album (and Some's) with Brian at Skid Row member Dave "the Snake" Sabo's studio in New Jersey. Self-Made Mess received rave reviews, backed up by strong national record sales. Buoyed by success, Six Going on Seven took the show on the road, doing two national tours and playing locally every chance they had in between.

Now, a year and a half later, we are proud to bring you the band's second album Heartbreak's Got Backbeat. With Brian McTernan back on board as producer, the record vastly expands on the vision that Self Made Mess hinted at. Clocking in at thirty minutes of dense, devilishly satisfying music, Heartbreak's Got Backbeat is the Reign in Blood of emo. Whether it's "How to sell the Brooklyn Bridge" "New/Improved" or "Portsmouth," the band's genius pervades.

The band is currently on the road with Louisville, KY outfit Elliott. Plans for Europe and Japan are in the works. In short, no one will be spared!