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Born from the kindling of myriad influences (Zeppelin and Floyd, Tortoise and Air), Innaway's ambient sound is delicately layered with guitar rock sensibilities. The result: songs both eerily relaxed and starkly dynamic; a mushroom-fueled stroll from dusk to eve.

Always a wall of sound and sonic harmony, Innaway has been blowing minds with its live performances up and down California for the past two years. Last year Innaway became the resident band at the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa. They built a devoted following and impressed club owners by regularly bringing in large crowds on normally slow Monday nights. Most recently the band has played with notable bands like Pinback, Blonde Redhead, Dios Malos and the French Kicks.

Innaway's self-titled debut was self-produced and recorded in the band's own Black Lodge Studios, then passed to well-respected producer and engineer, John McEntire (Sea and Cake, Stereolab, Tortoise), for mixing. The result is an expansive, psychedelic, groove-oriented, ethereal body of work. For those of you who are fans of Pink Floyd's psychedelic rock, Radiohead's ambient/electronic atmospheres or Led Zeppelin's hippie boogie sound, then these classic rock-inspired gentlemen are right up your alley.

Innaway will be on tour as much as possible for the next year. In June they will be playing multiple shows in Los Angeles and Southern California. In July and August they will embark on a full US tour. Check the tour dates page for constant updates on their whereabouts.