Some 23

I Would Sell You For Crack

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The band consists of:

Curtis Jensen: the bent-back Canadian guitar player, wordsmith, woodchuck.

Peter Makowski: this rack of skin and bones is too crass for his own good.

Tyler Smith: this fat bastard enjoys antagonizing his band-mates by jumping on their motel beds, sporting a pink boner, beating his chest and howling like a chimpanzee.

Ben Dodds: this stinky fuck, wreaking death from every pore, endeavors for all to experience this joy.

Collectively, they are known as Form of Rocket.

Their bottom line is to tread the thin line between being driven and pushing each other musically to create something of value and not taking themselves too seriously. They tend toward hard-hitting, heavy, sometimes sadistic, indie-geek rock.

It could be said that the band operates as two teams that make the whole. On one team, dueling guitars fluctuate between laying down almost Iron Maiden type riffs, to hard-hitting chops that accentuate angular bass grooves. On the other team, the drums and bass strive to create a bulletproof mid-range and low-end intended to kill the listeners.

A review touted their first album, Se Puede Despedir a Todos as being a good substitute for strong coffee.

"When it comes right down to it, we're about pushing our limits musically and personally in every way we can think of. If our band was a rollercoaster, I think the carts would be on the verge of flying off the tracks. But we usually arrive safely at home. For us, it's all about writing music that stays a challenge for us to play for quite a while," says bass player, Ben Dodds.

Since forming in 2000, Form of Rocket has toured the country several times by booking their own tours, and have self-released a full-length CD, Se Puede Despedir a Todos, which translates to, "Everyone is expendable." Its second full-length CD, Lumber, will be released this Fall.